Digital Arts Festival

Thursday 07, Friday 08, Saturday 09

Rick Farin presents BREACH ACT I


Investigating the intersections between technology, materiality, and nature, Los Angeles-based visual artist and director Rick Farin works with digital design tools—specifically video game engines—to produce speculative fictions about the Anthropocene. With a background in architecture and electronic music, his work spans themes of post-humanism, bio-fiction and speculative archaeology. He has collaborated with artists and labels such as Plaid, Gaika, Chino Amobi, Swan Meat, Daniel Sannwald and Warp.

BREACH ACT I (Farin’s first large format installation) is an investigation into the relationship between technology, nature and materiality. Utilising a game engine to immerse the audience in a world transformed by climate change, viewers will be allowed to interact and engage with the simulation projected in the space by means of a custom-built motion controller. The installation engages with emerging technologies as a means to speculate on our material futures, recognising that technology and nature are one and the same. In his own words: “Software is material. Nature has never been natural and can never be naturalised.”