Digital Arts Festival

Rick Farin presents “BREACH: Prologue”

IDEAL – Digital Arts Center

The current future. Wildfires are omnipresent every day. They surround the cities, within the firebreak limited humanity burrowed. Not out of fear, but routine; with gradual disaster comes gradual evolution. A true human acclimation to torrential smoke and ash. Space is not important when materiality has been replaced with integers. Panning over a strange collective of HUMANS. Bathed in orange, and dressed in elaborate gatherings of refuse. Scraps. Drones in vibration above. Rocks, computer parts, ceramics, shells, plants, even dirt. Found objects. Wrapped in casings of plastics. Almost all of it too, especially if it can be easily burned. Or broken. Hoarding. While most of us in the digital have evacuated, they wander in wasteland rituals. To preach materiality is to preach the essence of life. And in the distance, they are singing.

–> Rick Farin, based in Los Angeles, works with digital design tools – specifically video game engines – to produce speculative fiction about the Anthropocene. With a background in architecture and electronic music, his work covers post-humanism, bio-fiction, and speculative archaeology. He has collaborated with artists and labels such as Plaid, Gaika, Chino Amobi, Swan Meat, Daniel Sannwald, and Warp Records.