Rick Farin presents Breach: Prologue


IDEAL – Digital Arts Center
Wednesday 06, Nov

Investigating the intersections between technology, materiality, and nature, Los Angeles-based visual artist and director Rick Farin works with digital design tools—specifically video game engines—to produce speculative fictions about the Anthropocene. With a background in architecture and electronic music, his work spans themes of post-humanism, bio-fiction and speculative archaeology. He has collaborated with artists and labels such as Plaid, Gaika, Chino Amobi, Swan Meat, Daniel Sannwald and Warp.

As its name describes, Breach: Prologue is the prelude to Breach Act I, Farin’s first large format installation that will be premiered at MIRA 2019. As with the installation, the film is an investigation into the relationship between technology, nature and materiality, presenting a “current future” in which to reflect on the possibility that technology and nature are one and the same. In Farin’s own words: “To preach materiality is to preach the essence of life…”

Breach: Prologue will be presented as an immersive screening in IDEAL, Spain’s first digital arts centre.