Rival Consoles is the alias of British electronic musician Ryan Lee West. Closely linked to the Erased Tapes Records camp, he has released all his work through the label since his first EP in 2007. A decade on and his sound is as exploratory as ever.

His expressive new album “Persona”, partly inspired by scenes from Ingmar Bergman’s film of the same title, deals with the exploration of the persona, both internal and external, and the spaces in-between states, people, light and dark. Combining acoustic and electronic instruments, cinematic drones, thundering drums and ambient passages, his humanised take on techno creates an immersive world full of sonic life.

Rival Consoles will be presenting his most recent work via a dynamic live A/V show which focuses on his more “club ready” sound and features self-programmed visuals in Max/MSP. A sonic, rhythmic and emotional kaleidoscope awaits.