rRoxymore ’s music is an intriguing, singular blend of contrasting textures, marked by the interplay she creates between organic and synthetic sounds. Formerly based in Paris but now firmly established in the Berlin scene, her nervous grooves, entrancing synths and manipulations of acoustic instruments and found sounds have made her a unique voice in contemporary dance music.

Following acclaimed releases on labels including Human Level, Macro and Ostgut Ton, as well as a collaborative project alongside Paula Temple, Olof Dreijer and Planningtorock, rRoxymore recently released her most defining works to date: the two part “Thoughts of an Introvert” series on Bristol-based label Don’t Be Afraid. Constructed around barrages of shifting, synthesised rhythms and fluttering melodies, these records are further proof that she is a key part of techno’s present and future.

For her performance at MIRA 2018, rRoxymore will permeate the 3D Sound Room by SON Estrella Galicia with her raw, energetic rhythms and sounds, transporting us into a psychedelic new world.  

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