Digital Arts Festival

Samuel Fouracre presents “D.^^.$.®.(dance.music.sex.romance)”

IDEAL – Digital Arts Center

D.^^.$.®. (Dance.Music.Sex.Romance)” is an ongoing video project that focuses on finding the human within the digital. This continually expanding, multi-channel immersive installation explores how the digital environment, particularly in the form of reconstructing and publicising our intimate experiences, directly influences our image of self and the implications this ego-theism has on romantic and erotic relationships. 

D.^^.$.®.” takes the form of what Fouracre loosely terms ‘non-sequitur’ film-making. This technique references the formula of movie trailers, pop videos and online content where stories are suggested by short fragments and synchronous trivia. As such the work implies, but remains non- committal to any direct narrative arc. In “D.^^.$.®.” the performance of sexual personas and cinematic archetypes are not just the device of screen-based story-telling, but inform and shape our emotional experiences in a way that is all too real.

Music credit: Rudy Fink

–> Samuel Fouracre (b.1977, UK) is a video artist living and working in London. He studied at the Royal College of Art and his work is shown internationally as both multi-channel installations and single-channel screenings. 

Screenings/exhibitions have included: D.^^.$.®. (DANCE.MUSIC.SEX.ROMANCE), La Bande Vidéo, (Québec, CA); Asolo Art Film Festival, Edizione 2019, (Asolo, IT); Jerwood Staging Series, Jerwood Space, (London, UK); Moscow International Experimental Film Festival (Moscow, RU); Hamburg KurzFilmFestival (DE); Kassel Dokfest (DE) and Addis Video Art Festival (Addis Ababa, ET).