Selection of some of the best immersive works of art from the artists of SAT Residence in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A compilation specially created for the second edition of the SAT Fest in the SATosphere. A variety of talents and visions of many artists from the constantly growing immersive art Montreal’s scene.


Polyhedra is the search of the original polyhedron among a chaos of singularities of shapes and dualities of forces. The duality of polyhedra is most commonly defined in terms of polar reciprocation about a concentric sphere. Starting with any given polyhedron, the dual of its dual is the original polyhedron.

Visuals: Francis Théberge a.k.a. TIND (CA)
Sound: Guillaume Bourassa (CA)


A trip through a world filled shapes, images and sounds to conflicting report. Transgress stages the act of revolt, rejection of the established order .As the slow invasion of a continent by sea this universe forms become the scene of a series of rhythmic rebellion, visual distortions and video – magnetic disturbances.

Visuals & Sound: Joe Fiola & Antoine Saint Maur a.k.a. Zef & Santo (CA)


RIDE_zer0 is a run through graphical environments that enhance the virtual 3D space and physicality of immersive environments.

Visuals: Dominic St-Amant a.k.a AZYL (CA)
Sound: Olivier Rhéaume a.k.a. Ghostdog (CA)