The importance of Seefeel ‘s existence and their contributions to both the evolution and cross-pollination of electronic and rock music cannot be overstated. Under the guise of a “conventional” guitar band, the visionary London-based  four-piece tapped into the vanguard movements of the mid-nineties and foreseeingly combined the essences of post-rock and shoegaze with the technological possibilities of electronica, fusing them into a new sound altogether: one with the humanity of a band and the inhumanity of a machine… And they continue to evolve.

With truly groundbreaking releases on equally groundbreaking labels Too Pure, Warp and Rephlex, they have constantly paved the way for countless artists, their influence and method evident in the sound of fellow luminaries such as Boards of Canada, Fennesz and Tim Hecker.

In an exclusive performance in Spain and alongside live visual work by Dan Conway, Seefeel will perform their debut album “Quique” (Too Pure, 1993), celebrating the 25th anniversary of its release. We cannot wait to celebrate it with them.

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