Sergio Albiac

Sergio Albiac’s experimentation focuses on the intersection between traditional media and generative code. The reality is transformed when creating applications to express ideas about beauty, change and human emotions. Topics which can be recurrently found in his work are: the illusion of control in a world ruled by chance and tensions between reason and instinct.

The end result of this artistic process is not always preconceived: it can be a painting, a giclee, 1 video art piece, digital portraits or interactive installations. Albiac doesn’t feels limited to one medium or style to express his vision.

Sergio Albiac reveals the secrets of his creative process in Arts Santa Monica, giving a masterclass processing for generative art. Albiac carries technology to the artistic field, working with this -processing- generative computer code to produce its creative work which has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions.



Friday 7 5.30 PM – Arts Santa Mònica