Digital Arts Festival

Shoeg ft. Ana Drucker present Decay

Length: 15 minutes

Country: Spain/Mexico

As the boundaries between carbon and silicon fuse, and the digital and physical blur, the meaning of life and death is changing as never before. Just look around you! Humankind chases immortality by jettisoning the body. Intelligence and memory, once a prerogative of humanity, are now infused in inorganic matter. Human relationships exist in an unprecedented plane where limits of time and space become obsolete. Complex data systems capture information to create human replicas and we continue to explore second lives as eternal avatars.

But is there any real escape from Decay? We want to question humanity’s desire for self-preservation, our obsession for everlasting life, and our blind and mysterious understanding of death. We want to celebrate decay as a transitional process, intrinsic to every reality including the virtual. We want to explore the poetics of the complex cyclical nature of our experience, from ashes to ashes. Finally, as our own deaths are dwarfed by the destruction and extinction of our environment caused by our own hubris, we urge to examine the blinding promise of an infinite, virtual reality and our neglect to accept the role of humanity as a minor, controversial part of the natural world.