⏱️ Saturday 11

Carlos Martorell is the mastermind behind Shoeg, one of the most interesting electronic artists on the national scene both for his experimental side as well as the use of a very personal digital aesthetic. He first put himself on the map with the release of ‘Panorama’ and ‘Tanz’ (Boira), two albums in which a kind of soft and brilliant ambient began to draw an exquisite and maximalist way of creating music.
He arrives at MIRA with the recently launched ‘Vaseline’ (Memory no.36, 2017), a sober, round album that has an entire graphic arsenal made by the artist himself, which highlights futurism, digital and extraterrestrial. The incredible visual part of the show, reactive to sound, will take you to a 3D world that wants to seem real, always based on the imaginary Vaseline space-time.


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