Skee Mask


Friday 08, Nov

A photograph of a lone figure walking through a blizzard. An imagine that speaks so much of our times… and one that adorns the cover of the latest album by Skee Mask, the enigmatic and versatile Munich-based producer who prefers not to be identified.

Following a series of EPs and an album (“Shred”, 2016) on the Ilian Tapes label, Skee Mask continued to hone his sound and created what some consider to be one of the best electronic music records of 2018, “Compro”. His signature labyrinthine beats and breaks, feral synths and lush ambient soundscapes lay bare his influences, but also take us somewhere entirely new, as he guides us on a journey through a world of wild variations and pure sonic exploration.

Accompanied by bespoke visual work specially created by Jude Marcella (commissioned by MIRA), Skee Mask will do the honours of closing the main stage with a set that focuses on his particular vision of what club music can be… and that’s anything.