Soft Crash (Phase Fatale + Pablo Bozzi)


Soft Crash is the outcome of the union between Phase Fatale and Pablo Bozzi. They first appeared under the Phase Fatale-founded BITE label in 2018.

Phase Fatale is Hayden Payne’s techno project that, since 2014, has earned a reputation as a techno innovator. After releasing his debut album on Hospital Productions and other EPs on labels like Jealous God, Ostgut Ton and their Unterton sub-label, Phase Fatale has become a resident DJ at Berghain. In January 2020 he released his latest album, Scanning Backwards, on Ostgut Ton.

The other side to the project is Pablo Bozzi, a producer and DJ who began playing the harpsichord at the National Conservatory of Toulouse until arriving in the capital of techno under a multitude of different monikers. He released his first album, called Street Reign for Pinkman, in 2022.

They will present their debut album, expected for October, 14th.