Suso Saiz


⏱️ Friday 10

All rise for Suso Saiz, a pioneer and one of the most important musicians in Spanish history. It is an honor to receive this Songwriter with a capital S, guitarist, producer of half of the most famous Spanish pop artists that we can think of, soundtrack and chamber music composer and cofounder of Artificial World, the first online record company in Spain.
Bringing to MIRA 2017 an exclusive live show, he will present the recent ‘Rainworks’ (Music From Memory, 2017), a brilliant, exquisite and fundamental work of art that proves he continues to be on top form (It is the duty of any national electronic music lover to listen to ‘Odyssey’). All of the above only serves to make you want to see in person even more this legend that was born in the 80s with the founding of the Orquesta de las Nubes, an experimental music group that was completely ahead of its time during the period. All of this accompanied on stage by Human Produce for a never-seen-before LIVE A/V.