Tapan is the production duo made up of Belgrade music scene veterans Nebojša Bogdanović (aka Schwabe) and Goran Simonoski (Belgradeyard Sound System, Piece of Shh). Tapan is not an ordinary “techno” project and escapes simple categorisations, especially since it evolved into a live quartet with Jamal Al Kiswani on saxophone and flute and Fedja Franklin on drums and percussion, building connections between industrial electronics, Balkan jazz improvisation and the unique pulse of eastern percussion.

After various EPs, they recently released their debut LP on Tel Aviv’s Malka Tuti label. “Europa” is an album inspired by the current refugee crisis that reflects the atmosphere of disillusionment and uncertainty surrounding the future of Europe and the world at large. The soundtrack to an intense and chaotic moment in time.

Their show in the 3D sound room will see the quartet expanding upon the album’s epic compositions, furthering their journey of sonic exploration and promising to open up new musical horizons for all those present.

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