The Bug’s ethos is simple: pressure, pressure and more pressure… Let’s be clear: how many producers care so much for the way their music’s frequencies are transmitted that they construct their own sound system and take it with them to perform?

Straight out of Weymouth (UK) and Haifa City (Israel) via the London Zoo, although now both based in Berlin, Kevin Martin and Miss Red have been wrecking the dance hall together for a while now. Their collaborative journey began the moment Miss Red tapped The Bug on the shoulder and asked him if she could grab the mic during one of the uncompromising producer’s DJ sets in Tel Aviv in 2012. The next day they were in the studio recording… A creative and philosophical synergy that has culminated in the outernational singer/MC’s debut album “K.O.”, produced entirely by The Bug and released on his own PRESSURE label.

The Bug and Miss Red’s performance at MIRA 2018 will be a full-on sound system assault. In their own words: “We are not coming to f-ck around. We will be fully on the attack. Trust…”. Get ready to be lifted (or crushed).