Theo Triantafyllidis & Sun Araw present “Velocity Holomatrix Warp 7”

Velocity Holomatrix Warp 7” is a collaboration between experimental musician Sun Araw and digital artist Theo Triantafyllidis in the form of an hour-long interactive experience. VHW7 is an explorable immersive environment, recorded by Sun Araw with Polish double-bassist Tomo Jacobson at CPN Vinter Jazz Fest in 2017. 

This program allows you to holographically explore planetoid VHW7 and its many intricate ecosystems: disorienting ionic bubbles, strange levitating mineral ore deposits, phosphorescent photonic anomalies, and phenomena even stranger.  In order to give a further sense of its formation and the delicate balance of forces that hold it together, algorithms have been created to convert its magnetic, electric, and gravitational forces as audio, allowing you to “hear” the skilled and intricate sculptural work that shaped and maintains it.