Digital Arts Festival

Tim Hecker – Live – Lightshow by MFO

Few artists are as associable to a particular genre -for quality and production- as Tim Hecker. We talk about the ambient, born in the 70s from the mind of genius Brian Eno, and found unquestionable in the Canadian composer since he began his career over 15 years ago, where it has allowed him to move with a distinctive touch between the electronic noise with a more reflective, experimental sound design and modern composition. His innate ability to create experimental music and recreate moods related to the world around us is very powerful and highly attractive for the listener of his concerts.


Although in recent year he has decreased its production level, this has just strengthen his creative palette. irrefutable proof is ‘Love Streams’, published in April by the 4AD label. That will be the basis of his performance in MIRA 2016: inspired by choirs of the fifteenth century, the album is anchored in bright synths, omnipresent keyboards and elegant vocal, created with the same collaborators from his previous album (Kara-Lis Coverdale and Grímur Helgason), and displaying a patience when composing unbecoming of modernity that surrounds us. To all this we must add the visual component of the performance, by the extraordinary German artist Marcel Weber aka MFO, who will perform a light show in what is presumed to be an overwhelming audiovisual and lighting experience for the audience at Fabra i Coats.