Digital Arts Festival

TIMÉE by Guillaume Marmin + Philippe Gordiani

Installations are always a key element of MIRA’s program, and here we are presenting a great one. Timée will be exhibited for the first time in Spain and its authors are French artists Guillaume Marmi (concept and production) and Philippe Gordiani (music). It is a work inspired by Plato’s dialogue Timaeus, which develops the old philosophical concept of the Music of the Spheres: projectors, smoke, light and darkness will form the main immersive feature with the aim that participants feel surrounded, avoiding screens and finding light in a completely personalized format.

Timée will be adapted by the artists into Sala Bota ( Fabra i Coats) space measurements in a unique format because it has never built into a so large space like this one.



TIMÉE – The music of the spheres (audiovisual installation)
Original concept: Guillaume MARMIN
Music: Philippe GORDIANI
Production: Juliette BIBASSE
Construction: Charly FRENEA
Photos: Jean Baptiste Luneau / Digitalarti
Thanks to: Château de Saint-Priest, Aude Monasse, Isabelle Vauglin