British singer-songwriter Tirzah shines a bright light with her genuine experimental pop, her raw, soulful vocals and powerful contemporary lyricism. Rooted in UK garage, grime and British R&B, her sound has mutated over the years, but the intimacy and honesty of her music has remained intact.

TIrzah Mastin studied classical music at the Purcell School for Young Musicians in Hertfordshire, where she met producer and composer Mica Levi, with whom she struck up a friendship that has become a lasting collaborative bond. In 2013 and 2014, she recorded a couple of homemade EPs of offbeat experimental electronica with her that paved the way for her debut LP, Devotion (2018), packed with minimalist love songs and weathered ballads that established her as an artist to watch.

A follow-up to this cult classic, Colourgrade (2021) explored recovery, gratitude and new beginnings, featuring a singer who has discovered the kind of love that is shared between a mother and her children while working as an artist. A full reworking of these ten tracks, Highgrade (2022), features remixes by Arca, Actress, Lafawndah, Loraine James and Speakers Corner Quartet.