Universal pleasures: A conversation with FILIP CUSTIC


Conversation with Filip Custic revolving around his methodology and vision of art, technological hedonism, the analysis of universal pleasure and his relations with learning and digital platforms.

Filip Custic is a Spanish-Serbian multidisciplinary artist who uses objects as a vehicle for communication. He creates his own “vocabulary of objects” by means of a new movement he is developing and which he has dubbed “objectism”. To express himself, he uses a camera to capture photos and videos and also manipulates their audio content. Filip creates installations with models, costumes and different kinds of objects that inspire him, and uses them as sculptures to communicate an idea, a concept or a message. He enjoys experimenting with concepts such as non-gravity, fragmentation, pataphysics, optical balance effects and technological art.

Format – Conversation with artist

Moderator + 1 speaker + Q&A