As electricity blossoms and leafs glisten, upsammy creates interpretative space, cleverly paradoxical in its concurrent comfort and desolation. With a keen ear for crystalline melody and intricate rhythm, her music takes cues from electro and IDM, breathing a certain perpetuity and spatiality, sliding across tempo scales, while retaining an organic touch as a gentle hum of nature digitised.

Since 2017 Torsing has released a string of critically acclaimed singles and EPs on labels Nous’klaer Audio (Another World, 2017; Paerels, 2018), AD93 (Blue03, 2018) and Die Orakel (Words R Inert, 2018; Branches On Ice, 2019). Her gift for full-length composition is showcased through her albums on home ground Nous’klaer Audio (Wild Chamber, 2019) and Dekmantel (Zoom, 2020).