V.P.M. presents Xpansion


Thursday 07, Friday 08, Saturday 09

Winner of the MIRA x Hangar Open Call, “Xpansion” is a project based on the theory of the expansion of the universe as an echo of the Big Bang. It takes the form of a 360º audiovisual installation that aims to address the difficulty of visualising the forces that sustain and expand the universe, space and dark energy, allowing us to envision how the universe connects with a single point of origin, creating floating geometric figures that take us on an interdimensional journey. This project is characterised by the real-time interaction of the audiovisual content and a laser.

V.P.M. is an audiovisual collective from Barcelona formed by Joan Nieto and Javier Cañal (co-founders of the collective), alongside 3D artist Gerard Domínguez (Gerard 3D) and sound designer Samuel Escudero (Bass Valley). The group is specialised in the creation of content for video mapping, motion graphics and interactive installations.

You’ll be able to experience “Xpansion” in the MIRA Dome by adidas Originals on 7, 8, 9 November.