The saliva dripping from a growling dog’s teeth; a blanket of tulips blooming in a mountain valley; a Gucci garment shining in the airport duty free: Varg is an artist of contrasts. Completely unpredictable and highly prolific, this Swedish producer has released dozens of records under several different guises and collaborations (D.A.R.F.D.H.S., Ulwhednar, Body Sculptures, FLORA…), consistently exploring the darker forms of ambient, techno and industrial music.

Based in Stockholm, Varg co-runs the Northern Electronics label alongside Abdulla Rashim. His latest releases on the label include two parts of the expansive Nordic Flora Series (the other released on Posh Isolation), described as “a bit of a fuck off, but it’s a smirking fuck off.” But then again, his work is rarely a joke.

For his performance at MIRA, Varg will focus on the more techno side of his multi-faceted output, adapting it to the 3D sound environment, exploring its limits via body-crushing bass and unrelenting breaks and wrecking the preconceptions of those present in the act.