How could one imagine, or even begin to describe, the results that stem from a collaboration of this nature? Both legends in their own right, these two great musical minds have come together out of mutual admiration and, as Daniel Lanois states, “an appetite for the unknown”, to create a new and bold statement that elevates their collective strengths and bridges the different terrains of their vast musical landscapes.

Daniel Lanois: producer extraordinaire, has produced countless albums for artists such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Jon Hassell, Sinéad O’Connor, U2, etc., along with various collaborations alongside Brian Eno. Venetian Snares: IDM/breakcore guru, has released countless albums on labels such as Panet Mu, Hymen, Sublight and his own Timesig label, through which the seemingly incongruous yet resultingly harmonious duo recently unleashed their first, beautiful album “Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois”.

Their performance at MIRA 2018, with Lanois on pedal steel guitar, Venetian Snares on electronics and Tirador on visuals, will mark the Spanish premiere of their collaborative show.