Vessel feat. Pedro Maia


Saturday 09, Nov

Insanity vs clarity, beauty vs horror, affection vs punishment, the mystical vs the mundane… The dualities of the human condition are present in us all, but not everyone is capable of expressing and/or representing them as clearly as certain artists, poets, writers and mystics. One of them is Vessel, the sonic manifestation of Bristol-born composer, producer and sound alchemist Seb Gainsborough.

Following two remarkable LPs and various EPs, it seems that with his most recent album “Queen of Golden Dogs”, released at the end of 2018 on the Tri Angle label, Vessel has finally discovered the language he’s been searching for all along. Inspired by classical/chamber music and the work of Remedios Varo, Maggie Nelson and others, it embodies a statement that breaks free of all limitations and speaks of the true nature of spiritual, physical, artistic and personal freedom.

For MIRA 2019, Vessel will present his latest album alongside his faithful collaborator Pedro Maia, the Berlin-based visual alchemist known for his radical and innovative use of analogue film techniques.