Digital Arts Festival

Destruction ¤ Genesis: MIRA 2019’s new campaign


In this new edition we want to explore the importance of art and technology as instruments of protest and as tools for converting thought into action, to reshape our future and demand transformation by strengthening change as individuals.

Renowned Barcelona-based agency Snoop is responsible for creating a graphic image that deals with the concept of “Destruction ¤ Genesis”.

Immersed in a society of polarities that impacts our environment in a massive and constant way, we frequently find ourselves debating about the destruction of the planet, the technological dependence of our species, the excess of information, and the impending global crisis. We are in the revolution of the Anthropocene, where anxiety intensifies, leaving us in a strange position of progressive self-conscience and doubt towards an uncertain future.

We want to pose an existential debate and question the paradigms of an environment that appears to be sentenced to destruction. Are we ending our own existence, or on the contrary, are we moving towards a new genesis?

A question of free interpretation that contextualises this edition under the concept of “Destruction ¤ Genesis”, and which we will attempt to respond during the days of the festival, seeing as music and art do not cease to be a reflection of our present.

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