Urban Exhib + Opening Night MIRA 2021


We’ve joined forces with MMMAD, Madrid’s urban digital art festival, to present “10 segundos, 10 artistas ”, an art exhibition Barcelona’s streets, from November 11 to 21, on the Clear Channel screens arranged throughout the city.

→ The exhibition includes artworks by Aka Guerri, Akyute, c41582028, Claudia del Barrio, Cruelaudia, Daniel Benza, Felina H.DB, Momu & No Es, Paula García Sans & Shoeg.

▶  MIRA 2021 Opening Night 

“10 segundos, 10 artistas” premiere will be part of the MIRA 2021 opening event at IDEAL, in which the artworks will be transferred into an immersive space. In addition, we’ll present the two audiovisual pieces by artists Natalia Stuyk and Theo Triantafyllidis, also in curatorial collaboration with MMMAD.


NATALIA STUYK presents “I Believe You Into Being”

Digital artist Natalia Stuyk will present this poem written by artificial intelligence about the origin of human consciousness, with references to chaos theory, cellular automata, and the networks that bind us together (both digital and physical).


Visual artist Theo Triantafyllidis, in collaboration with experimental musician Sun Araw, will present an immersive experience inspired by the planetoid VHW7 as a way to discover the strange planetary phenomena.

▶  12-13 November at Fabra i Coats

The full line-up of MIRA Festival tenth edition was launched a week ago. Last two-days-tickets for sale here!