Digital Arts Festival

Immersive Dome Workshop


MIRA x16 ㊉ Telenoika present ▬ ► Immersive Dome Workshop, three days of learning in immersive and evolving experiences.

MIRA – Digital Arts Festival presents with Telenoika and along Eyesberg’s collaboration the Immersive Dome Workshop: three days (7 + 8 + 9 November) in Fabra i Coats that will get deep in both practical and theoretical ways for the different approaches and set up techniques through the creation of 360º audio-visual content for Fulldome structures. In this workshop we will count with prestigious names within the international digital art context.

« ▬ ↑↓ Romain Tardy, visual artist and co-founder of AntiVJ collective, an artistic laboratory focused on creating immersive installations by working with light and its projection. He will teach in the workshop a part dedicated to the creation of artistic content for 360º structures.

« ▬ ↑↓ Intolight, a German creative studio with expertise designing interactive environments and video mapping, will introduce theoretical and practical concepts about the Dome and lead the technical development during the three-day workshop that will use the MIRA Dome a 16 meter diameter structure to show the practical outcome.

Schedules and spaces

The theoretical part of the workshops will be held in the classrooms of  Fabra i Coats, and the practical part will use the MIRA Dome space. The classes are from 10am to 14 pm and from 15:30h to 19:30h making a total of 24h of training in three days. The places for the workshop are limited.

✓ Workshop participants can purchase full festival tickets for MIRA x16 (10+11 + 12 November) at a discount price (35 euros).

㊉ Immersive Dome Information Workshop: Find content, schedules and prices here.