MIRA. Digital Arts Festival, held from November 10 to 12th in Fabra i Coats (Barcelona), has published the video of its sixth edition. MIRAx16’s The After(home)movie proposes to field a nostalgic audience, as well as a new vision on a normally serialized treatment of the aftermovies. The piece, filmed by the production company Refugi Films with music by Begun, reflects and considers the nature of the digital image.

At a technical level, the recording is performed with two Hi-8 cameras, a format that was really popular during the 90’s and whose physical support was still video tapes. One of the cameras kept the analog format while the other filmed digitally. The mixture of the two types of images makes it almost imperceptible to differentiate the nature of both images in the final piece. It’s clear that both formats are not so far from one another.

In the narrative level, “the use of this type of cameras resembles unequivocally to the aesthetics of found footage and home movies  -shot to keep the familiar memories alive. The absence of negative film gave this new generation the possibility of recording much more material than usual” Refugi Films producer explains, adding that” the error on the aesthetic level became a luxury that could be allowed because the video eliminated the limits on the amount of material that one was able to produce “. For this reason, the visual summary of MIRAx16 is titled The After(home)movie.

Today we want you to look back and put yourself again in MIRAx16 to relive along with us what happened during the sixth edition of the festival.

► Thank you so much for this lovely edition. SEE YOU AT MIRA 2017!