MIRA 2019 ¤ SON Estrella Galicia AUDITORI


Tristan Perich’s new collaboration with renowned pianist Vicky Chow—”Surface Image”—places the piano within a dense frenzy of 1-bit sound. Their performance will take place in L’Auditori de Barcelona on 5 November. Tickets for this show are not included in the Festival Pass and can be bought here.

Forty loudspeakers, each wired to hand-built electronics, cover the stage and accompany Chow’s playing, accumulating into a dense polyphonic cascade of piano notes and 1-bit tones. Crossing Perich’s “1-Bit Symphony” from 2004 (the first album ever released as a microchip) with his background as a classical composer, “Surface Image” is a massive polyphonic synthesis of electronic and acoustic sound.