Digital Arts Festival

MIRA and adidas Originals present The Narratives for Immersion


On Wednesday 6 November the newly inaugurated digital arts centre IDEAL will host MIRA Festival + adidas Originals present The Narratives for Immersion, one of the parallel events of MIRA 2019. From 7pm to 10pm. Free Entrance.

The programme of the event will feature:

OUCHHH presents POETIC {AI} IMMERSIVE AV SHOW, a piece that through Artificial Intelligence has managed to capture thousands of books on science, astronomy and light in black and white. 

RICK FARIN presents BREACH: IMMERSIVE SCREENING, a prologue to the installation that Farin will present at MIRA 2019. The piece explores the current future, where wildfires are omnipresent and everyday. A true human acclimation to torrential smoke and ash.

CHALLENGING IMMERSIVITY ROUNDTABLE with Adrian Waschmann, Sandrine Deumier, Myriam Bleau, V.P.M and Jordi Massó. Moderated by Lluís Nacenta. 

Exploring 6 projects that have faced the challenge of generating an immersive environment, it will discuss the different phases of the creative process and exposing the needs to create an effective project.