MIRA and SIMON present “Dualism: Light and Darkness”


On Wednesday 30 October MIRA and SIMON present one of the parallel events of MIRA 2019 at Espai SIMON 100 (Sancho de Ávila, 66). From 7pm to 10pm. Free entrance.

Mary Lattimore will perform a solo live show playing harp and effects with visuals by Isaac Williams.

Refectori will present his first album ‘Espleni’ (Hedonic Reversal, 2019) with visuals by Júlia Aguilar.

‘Light: A Spiritual Tool’, roundtable with Antoni Arola, Guillermo Santoma and Anna Irina. Moderated by Gennis Sénnes. These three artists and designers will explore lighting in the artistic context, and light as a tool that allows to create different spatial environments and influences the visual experience.