Digital Arts Festival

MIRA announces part of the line-up & program for the 5th edition of the festival.


MIRA – Live Visual Arts Festival, to take place from October, 30th to November, 7th in Barcelona, announces more than 30 artists that will perform in the 5th edition of the festival. MIRA 2015 schedule will include the following: on October 30th and 31st the open acts and free activities will take place at Arts Santa Mònica. On November 2nd – 4th the FullDome workshops will be held at the MIRA dome by adidas Originals, and on November, 6th and 7th, the Festival´s AV shows and installations at Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació and in Razzmatazz.

MIRA 2015 programmes 33 shows, 9 installations and 20 visual artists. In conjunction the festival will host conferences, workshops, screenings. In addition MIRA presents a new stage, the MIRA Dome by adidas Originals (with a limited capacity).

Today’s confirmed artists are: 9th cloud & Cyril Meroni (FR) / AV Exciters (CH), AV-K + Kanaka (IT) / Ben Frost A U R O R A w/MFO (AU) / Blanck Mass (UK) / Boris Divider (ES) / desaxismundi (FR) / João Martinho Moura (PT) / Joëlle (UK) / Lloret Salvatge (ES) / Loppkio + Gnomalab (ES) / Nosaj Thing (US) / Oscar Sol + Ralp (ES) / Pearson Sound (UK) / Prefuse 73 (US) / ProtoPixel & Tigrelab (ES) / Richard Devine (US) / Robot Koch (DE) / Supermafia X Feldermelder (CH) / Zero (ES).

The above complement MIRA’s confirmed performances by: Andy Stott Live (UK) / A Winged Victory for the Sullen Live AV (US) / Dopplereffekt (US) / Ghost Culture (UK) / Lenticular Clouds (ES) / Rival Consoles (UK) / Takami Nakamoto & Sébastien Benoits (FR) / TIMÉE (FR) / Vessels Live AV (UK) / Entropia Live Dome AV (CA/FR).

AV shows: live performances.

North-American producer Nosaj Thing will perform his only show in Spain this year at MIRA. He will be at playing at our main stage at the Fabra i Coats. Nosaj Thing will bring the beauty of his music and deep rhythms while presenting live Fated, his latest album, published in May. Prefuse 73, a key figure of world’s electronica and a prolific producer willl be presenting his new LP at MIRA to be edited in October by LEX label, in a Live AV format. Ben Frost will present his acclaimed album A U R O R A, together with the visual artist MFO, a non conventional audiovisual show where light become an integral part of the performance.

Robot Koch, recently signed by Modeselektor’s label Monkeytown, and also a very well-known producer from Germany, will perform live for the first time his new album, to be published on November 6th, a day before of his show at MIRA. Blanck Mass, the solo project of Benjamin John Power (Fuck Buttons), presents his most recent work, Dumb Flesh alongside one of the most respected visual artists nowadays, Dan Tombs – who performed at MIRA back in 2012 with Hyetal-.

Other audiovisual shows to be presented at this year’s edition of MIRA are: Italians AV-K + Kanaka presenting Fracture (selected through the 2015 Visual Open Call), and French artists 9th cloud and Cyril Meroni, who will present PRISM, a mixture of electro and real time cine-concert generated and edited using an hexagonal screen that allows interaction to modify their show.

Modular synths and digital precision

Richard Devine, a modular synth master, deserves a special mention. Within the past 15 years he’s produced his own records and created his own modular synths kits, without forgetting its own hardware systems reconfiguration. At MIRA he’ll present a live repertoire sound in order to create what’s been considered by himself a unique sound experience. Multi-talented artist Boris Divider will present his latest show Exa Scale, a fusion between analogic heat and digital precision, real-time generated and synchronized by himself.

Loppkio – formed by Pedro Pina (Pina) and Álvaro García (Moduleight), two musicians from the Barcelona scene – join the visual artist Gnomalab (Juanjo Fernández) to create a powerful audiovisual show with high doses of visual and sound improvisation. Lloret Salvatge will present in AV format his latest record, Humitats, a compilation of 30 tracks full of field recordings such as waves and rain. MIRA’s proud to announce that visual artist Oscar Sol and musician Ralp have begun an artistic collaboration while creating Quadrivium, a 360º audiovisual piece that will be premiered at the MIRA Dome by adidas Originals. An immersive experience with an hypnotic look that goes deep into number four.

Dance floor heroes

After having played in the world’s best clubs, English musician Pearson Sound has recently published his first and long-time awaited album. At MIRA he’ll perfom as a dj alongside Swiss Supermafia, a vj collective with a long history in the live visual arts. Dj Zero, one of the most versatile djs of the Spanish scene (with more than 20 years on the road) will perform a dj set where the first chicago house and detroit techno sounds shall not be missed. Zero will share stage with the French visual artist desaxismundi.

MIRA 2015 Installations

Swiss collective AV Exciters, formed by architects and designers, has created a unique installation for MIRA, named MIRA Alas, a kinetic light sculpture located on the ceiling of Fabra i Coats main room synchronised with the music performances. Barcelona studios ProtoPixel and Tigrelab are presenting TripTik, an interactive installation on which the audience will create light patterns and music while sinking their hands in water pans. The installation combines LED technology and projection in order to create light effects of multiple capes representing movement, depth and colour.

Alcove is a luminescent and visual installation created by Supermafia and Feldermelder, to be experienced by the audience from outside the room and listened through headphones. It will for the first exhibition outside Switzerland, and re-adapted to the room measurements for MIRA. WIDE/SIDE is an interactive installation in which the audience bodies silhouettes are captured by sensors and generatively reproduced into the vertical bars that form the installation. The piece has been created by Portuguese digital artist and researcher João Martinho Moura.

Artists Anna Carreras and Lali Barrière will present Genera Esfera, an interactive installation that allows the audience to become a VJ through generative visuals; and Non Human Device #002, an installation created by Portuguese multimedia design studio Boris Chimp 504, invites the audience to interact with sounds and real time visuals.