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MIRA Dome by adidas Originals ▬ ►360º Fulldome Shows ㊉ Screenings


In the current edition of MIRA – Digital Arts Festival and for second year in a row, we continue to present MIRA Dome by adidas Originals: an immersive structure installed in the courtyard of Fabra i Coats and helding immersive and unique experiences with 360º Fulldome Shows and Screenings, on 10 ㊉ 11 ㊉ 12 November. Plus, as it happened in 2015, we’re going to co-produce it along with Barcelona-based creative lab Eyesberg, who will be in charge of the technical part.

3 AV Shows in 360º format

» Begun (ES) presents Amma (Foehn Records) ㊉ visuals by Marcel Bago (ES). An exclusive, never-seen-before show that will only happen in MIRA x16.

» Lakker (IRL) presents Tundra (R&S). The show will be adapted with visual content created for this event.

» Pauk (ES) presents Melancholic Anger (Discontinu Records) ㊉ live visuals by Eyesberg (ES), a show promoted by MIRA.

► 2 Immersive Screenings

» Chronophage, by artist collective Tind (CA)

» Morphogenesis, by visual artist Can Buyukberber (TR) in collaboration with sound architect Yagmur Uyanik (TR)

Check daily schedule here


► Informative guide about MIRA Dome by adidas Originals:

▬ » LIMITED CAPACITY (150 to 200 people, according to the performance)

▬ » To get in, we will enable a waiting area in front of the Dome and you are requested to access in small groups.

▬ » It will not be possible to enter or leave the dome when the performance has started; drinking, eating or smoking is prohibited inside the structure.