Digital Arts Festival




Esmay Wageman’s New Humanity (talk)

Aïsha Devi selects Chill Out by The KLF (Album Listening)

On Wednesday, November 7, a day before opening doors at Fabra i Coats for MIRA 2018, we will celebrate an event in collaboration with Nica, Barcelona’s new listening bar, created by Casa Bonay and Brilliant Corners London. The event (admission free) will host a conference by Esmay Wagemans, an artist who will exhibit two pieces at our art gallery titled, THE SEARCH FOR (modern) PLEASURE, and an Album Listening session guided by Aïsha Devi, an artist who will perform at the eighth edition of MIRA on Friday, November 9, along with visual artist Emile Barret, where she will comment the album “Chill Out”, by The KLF.

Nica offers a cultural and musical programme in an intimate space, designed by Studio Tack and accompanied by an audiophile sound system crafted by some of the most respected British audio manufacturers.

In the first part of the event, journalist HJ Darger will lead a conversation with Esmay Wagemans, a Dutch multidisciplinary artist who will talk about her project “New Humanity”, a series of pieces that reflect on the change of identity between robot and human, the edition and transformation of the body and the human need to create a feedback system in which robots need to be more human and people more robots.

The interview is part of MIRA’s conference programme, which explores hedonism, the human condition in the search of pleasure and the expansion and relationship that exists in the digital, technological and artistic fields. The rest of the conferences will continue the following day, Thursday, November 8.

The second part will be guided by Aïsha Devi, producer and singer who has selected “Chill Out”, the third studio album by The KLF, released in February 1990 and one of the first ambient house conceptual albums. The music describes a mythical night-time journey to the U.S. Gulf Coast states

Album Listening Sessions at NICA are a space of disconnection and a meeting point for music lovers looking to discover and enjoy vinyl albums hosted by national and international musicians, journalists and promoters.