CHAT ROOM is the new format for dissemination and exploration of MIRA.mov and Ontologías Feministas. Once a month we will invite artists to deepen the themes of the screenings and view them in the immersive format of IDEAL.

On October 29th at 21:30 we will open these two chats:

CHAT ROOM 1 Ex-selected Intimacy  

Emitting continuous, strident, parasitic and obliging intimate spaces. A more or less fictional intimacy that offers itself/resists the neoliberal dichotomies, filtering the logics of work or corporate communication between the desk and the bed. We talked to the author of the piece Main-Stream, Cruelaudia, about practices and bodies in networks, digital fictions, hegemonic narratives in streaming and semiotic appropriations.

CHAT ROOM 2 Embottled Technological dominance

Reclaiming the self-management of our everyday and non-daily digital architectures is a political necessity. The colonial and genocidal nature of civilisation is interwoven into the use of our entire digital ecosystem. We will talk about the topics present in Tabita Rezaire’s work, Deep Down Tidal, which problematises the oceanic spine through which our communications pass, a system related to the disappearance of bodies, ancestralities, otherness and memories; an interface of human and non-human relations with water as the protagonist.