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Digital culture and digital art are in constant flux, continually giving shape to new narratives and formats. Inspired by this fact, this autumn we will present “ Exploring Visual Languages”, a new series of immersive screenings that aims to explore contemporary culture and its creative formulas.

Through the work of various digital artists we will get to experience different imaginaries and contemporary techniques used for the creation of moving images. 

The opening of the series will take place on Thursday 3 September at 9:30pm with the Spanish premiere of “Geomancer” by Lawrence Lek and the world premiere of “We are at the end of something” by Keiken x Ryan Vautier x Sakeema Crook. will take place once a week throughout September, October, November and December at IDEAL, the first centre in southern Europe dedicated to the production and exhibition of digital arts.


Geomancer by Lawrence Lek (photo)

Artist, filmmaker and musician Lawrence Lek presents “Geomancer”, the story of an environmental satellite that wishes to become an artist. Set in Singapore in the year 2065, Lek questions what would happen if the world were run by a form of posthuman intelligence.

We are at the end of something by Keiken x Ryan Vautier x Sakeema Crook

Keiken + Ryan Vautier are a collective that explores the boundaries between the physical and the digital. In “We are at the end of something” they present an installation in CGI film format created with a video game engine. A project that envisions a post-Covid-19 world in which social distancing, growing social inequality and the desire for constant change are the new rules of the game.



SEPTEMBER* Thursday 3, 10, 17 and 24 at 9:30pm

“Geomancer” by Lawrence Lek

“We are at the end of something” by Keiken x Ryan Vautier x Sakeema Crook


“Main-stream” by Cruelaudia

“Deep Down Tidal” by Tabita Rezaire


“D.^^.$.®. (” by Samuel Fourarce 

“Material Sentience Habitat Ring” by MSHR


“Gehenna 4.1” by Sevi Iko Domochevsky

Claudia Maté presents “Down the Shining Hole”

*Screenings of the same two films once a week throughout the month.