MIRA.mov “Exploring Visual Languages” is a new weekly series of immersive screenings that explore contemporary digital culture, re-evaluating both new and old ways of thinking through innovative formats and narratives and presenting distinctive characteristics of digital media that reflect the current state of the art and its aesthetics through techniques such as CGI (computer-generated imagery), audiovisual immersion, video game engines and 3D digital animation.

The aim of MIRA.mov is to create a new circuit for the exploration of the various aspects of digital creativity and its current trends, showcasing the work of emerging and renowned artists who explore the moving image.

MIRA.mov, set to take place every Thursday from September 2020 –with two screenings per session– will feature premieres and immersive projections curated by MIRA and created specifically for the series, in addition to a conference programme.

This new series will be held at IDEAL (C/ Dr. Trueta, 196. Barcelona),the first centre in southern Europe dedicated to the production and exhibition of digital arts, and of which MIRA is part of the artistic programming team.

The Programme

MIRA.mov will feature exclusive premieres – curated by MIRA and created specifically for the series – by various artists including:

–> MSHR, an artistic collective that explores systems composed of sound, light, sculpture, software and circuits. They will premiere “Material Sentience Habitat Ring”, a poetic simulation of reality, created digitally and reflected via software and our consciousness.

–> Claudia Maté, a digital artist who combines the internet and interactive 3D technology to generate her particular aesthetic, will present “Down the Shining Hole”, a film that explores digital life after death through the eternal condemnation of a parasite installed in our minds.

–> Sevi Domochevsky, 3D artist, video game designer, digital lighting expert, musician and animation director, will present “Gehenna 4.1”, a surreal and frenetic journey that tells the story of an inhabitant of Gehenna, a digital hell where the impure parts of human souls are distilled once their consciousness fades from the physical plane.

–> Cruelaudia, a digital 3D artist from Barcelona who immerses herself in various current popular aesthetics, will present “Main-stream”, a fake streaming session during which various identities play video games and interact with each other, highlighting the situations that occur in real time in the context of online gaming.

In addition, MIRA.mov will feature Spanish premieres by artists including:

–> Lawrence Lek, an artist, filmmaker and musician who unifies various digital practices in his particular cinematographic universe, will present “Geomancer”, the story of an environmental satellite that wishes to become an artist. Set in Singapore in the year 2065, the film envisions what would happen if the world were run by a form of posthuman intelligence.

–> Keiken x Ryan Vautier x Sakeema Crook, a collective that explores the limits between the physical and the digital, will premiere “We are at the end of something”, an installation in the form of a CGI film created with a video game engine that questions what new belief system we want in a post Covid-19 world.

–> Tabita Rezaire, a new media artist and researcher who explores the possibilities of decolonial healing through technology, will premiere “Deep Down Tidal”, a piece that analyses the power of water as a conductive interface for communication. From undersea cables to sunken cities, hidden stories of navigation and sacred signal transmissions, the ocean is home to a complex set of communication networks.

–> Samuel Fouracre, a video-installation artist who combines live action with CGI environments, will present “D.^^.$.®. (dance.music.sex.romance)”, an audiovisual project in continuous development that focuses on placing the human within the digital. A multi-channel installation that explores our image and the implications that selfishness has in our romantic and erotic relationships.