Digital Arts Festival


MIRA.mov “Exploring Visual Languages” is a visual arts event series curated by MIRA that explores contemporary visual culture, re-evaluating new and old ways of thinking through innovative formats and narratives and presenting distinctive characteristics of visual media that reflect the current state of the art and its aesthetics.

MIRA.mov aims to create a new circuit for exploring the various aspects of visual creativity and its current trends, showcasing the work of emerging and renowned artists.

The event series occurs at IDEAL (C/ Dr. Trueta, 196. Barcelona), of which MIRA is part of the artistic programming team.

It is a pleasure to present “The Hidden Complexity of Nature”, a new edition of MIRA.mov curated by Arianna Esposito that will take place on October 26 and November 23 at IDEAL. Get your tickets now here.

On this occasion, we will delve into the amazing natural kingdom full of intricate systems, biological processes, and extraordinary forms that still remain hidden and unreachable for human understanding. The immersive films that will be presented will offer four unique perspectives of this living, powerful, and mysterious nature, which we are only able to imagine.