Digital Arts Festival

Screenings 360º – MIRA Dome by adidas Originals


MIRA Dome by adidas Originals is a key spot of our proposal as a digital arts festival since its premiere as stage two editions ago, back in MIRA 2015. With the schedule that we propose for this 360º Dome, dedicated to fulldome projects, we want to offer an spectacular framework that provides totally and unfiltered immersive experiences to the audience, with the best comfort and audiovisual quality, and in order to break the limits of visual creativity on stage.

From the opening on Thursday 9th until Saturday 11th November, MIRA Dome by adidas Originals will be fully operational offering continued sessions of the screenings, these are video art short pieces to be exhibited in 360º format. Having taken note of the 2016 mistakes: this year there will be no need to take a ticket to enter, only cue before each session. In this way everyone can access the space and watch the screenings.

For the 2017 edition we already have three confirmed screenings:

The first one is ‘‘Six Minutes of Your Life That You’ll Never Get Back’ and it’s an awesome piece from [Adult Swim], a North-American animation studio known for his television hits on acid and surreal humour (sure you know Rick and Morty, American Dad and The Cleveland Show) made in collaboration with the London-based studio Golden Wolf. This screening seeks to hallucinate the public in 360° by an induced trance, a round-trip to a world of extravagant, sympathetic and completely imperfect characters, house brand.

The second is ‘The Cryogenian’ by Dutch fractal artist Julius Horsthuis -a genius disguised as a filmmaker, creator of immersive experiences, and one of virtual reality’s key names. His immense digital talent will put the audience as part of an initiation journey through fractal art, represented by a thousand million-years-old glacier and accompanied by the great ambient music from Chillheimer.

And the third is ‘Homeomorphism’ by OUCHHH, a new media creative agency based in Istanbul. In line with the rise of Turkey’s bright scene, this multidisciplinary center represents the best of this creative wave also by his exquisite taste for immersive experiences. ‘Homeomorphism’ is a fulldome visual masterpiece on the forms of nature, especially topography and its strength expressed in New Mexico’s landscapes, their source of inspiration.

Stay tuned: in September we’ll announce the rest of the programming of this stage. Long live the MIRA Dome by adidas Originals!