Digital Arts Festival

MIRA 2014 – The Documentary


We finally have it: the childbirth has been OK and the kid already smiles, almost so much as its huge family. The 2014 edition of MIRA – Live Visual Arts Festival documentary has just gone out of the oven and here we are showing it to you beforehand with all the honors that deserves a document like this, with the whole emotion and the pride that we are capable of transmitting year after year from the organization of the festival. It really contains the whole audiovisual load that projects MIRA as cultural and technological event, from the stage exclusive design for every edition up to the enormous quantity of creative talent represented by musicians and visual artists, happening for the assembly and the exhibition of the diverse installations, conferences and shows that we programmed in 2014 in the different spaces.

We hope that you enjoy it because you are a fundamental part and that simultaneously it starts you sprouting, in the middle of the spring, the desire to be present at the edition of this year that, we remember, it will be our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY: we leave behind the innocent Primary to get squarely into the obligatory things of life. Enjoy and share. Up to soon!