MIRA launches “He”, the second teaser of its graphic image


The festival publishes this new video after “She”, the first teaser released in July. MIRA 2015 teaser’s aim is to develop a festival humanoid form and to personify the festival into an humanoid form. “Characters with face and eyes addressed to the public through sensuality” in literal words of Barcelona’s design studio Device, responsible of the graphic campaign for the third consecutive year.

Last July, the festival published ‘She’, the birth of an artificial being who appeared from the seabed and proclaimed “I’ve been waiting for you. Are you ready?”. Today the festival publishes the second teaser image, entitled ‘He’, another mysterious being born from a monolith. MIRA 2015 image explores the eroticism placing it into an artificial context where the possibilities and imagination are extended thanks to the technological factor.

The graphic campaign for this edition will be the meeting point between the primal instincts of human beings and the current technology linked the digital world. An avant-garde aesthetic linked to the Internet age.