Digital Arts Festival

MIRA Live Visual Arts Camp: Three days of education in technology and live visual arts


As part of MIRA 2014, the ​​Live Visual Arts Camp will take place at the Fabra i Coats factory in Barcelona on November 11th, 12th and 13th: three days of workshops and presentations about advanced projections, light and stage design, visual generation and digital interaction with dance and theatre.

The festival MIRA continues with its commitment in promoting education, research and information on new music shows and live visual art through the use of disruptive technology and creative programming.

The Live Visual Arts Camp is a meeting point for the field working in live visual arts and technology. Apart from the workshops, there will be other open activities to general public: project presentations, interactive concerts and installation openings. You can read all the information in the page Live Visual Arts Camp.

Three workshops of 3-day duration each


Vjspain will present the workshop “Content development for visual stage performances, mapping and lighting” on how to develop a visual project from the art and management’s point of view.


French design studio Screen Club will present the workshop “Lights vs. Pixels. Playing with interactivity” aimed at creating interactive pieces for musical events.


Visual artist Aristides Garcia (Salt) and theater choreographer Christian Loclair (Mio) will present the workshop “Intersection between code and choreography. Analyze and visualize space and movement” about joining the principles of visualization, movement analysis and choreography.

More information about workshops in the page Live Visual Arts Camp.


Tickets for each workshop includes lunchs and the MIRA 2 nights ticket. There are only 20 places for each workshop. Hurry up and buy your ticket!