Opening Concert of MIRA 2017: GAS LIVE A/V at L’Auditori


We are thrilled to announce that on Tuesday, November 7th, GAS (Wolfgang Voigt) will perform in the first Opening Concert in the history of MIRA inside the new Sit Back program at L’Auditori, a landmark for the culture of the city and an example of openness towards new forms of music as evidenced by this great initiative that also includes concerts curated by Razzmatazz, El Segell del Primavera, Afluent, In-Edit and Cooncert.

Voigt is one of the great creators of our time, an advanced artist who started his career in the 80s by mixing popular sounds with electronica and more later, already in the mid-1990s, laid the foundations of the minimal sound by co-founding he legendary label Kompakt in his hometown Cologne, right before setting up GAS. With a monumental trilogy formed by the ‘Zauberberg’, ‘Königsforst’ and ‘Pop’ albums, he contributed to what we today know as ambient that is imperative to say that, along with Brian Eno, they are the two great composers of this magical music genre.

Seventeen years after his latest work, Wolfgang Voigt has released ‘Narkopop’ (Kompakt, 2017), an album that follows the footsteps of their predecessors in terms of quality and compositional avant-garde and the one that will form the basis of his beautiful performance. The show will be completed with a set of visuals that were recorded in the forest of Königsforst (Cologne) that will make us feel like in a movie. All of this will make L’Auditori a unique place and this inaugural concert an unmissable event, a story in itself.

The tickets for the concert are now available at at the price of €20 plus service fee. If you already have the Full Pass (both of 2 or 3 days) of MIRA 2017, enter the code AL050 and you will get a 50% discount when making the ticket purchase.