Digital Arts Festival

Sponsors Actions – MIRA 2017


These are the actions that the sponsors of MIRA 2017 will make throughout the festival’s days:

SON Estrella Galicia

This year, SON Estrella Galicia joins MIRA as main sponsor to support the most innovative digital art from around the world. Faithful to its commitment to providing unique and quality lives, SON Estrella Galicia increases its presence this year at the festival and committed to a new stage, the 3D Sound Room by SON Estrella Galicia, a room dedicated to multidimensional sound and audio-technology immersive created by Intorno Labs, and oriented to proposals for electronic dance music with the festival’s seal. With Estrella Galicia, MIRA’s audience can enjoy its classic beer and the 1906 Red Vintage (toasted), Black Coupage (black), EG 0,0, EG Gluten-Free and Shandy (with lemon).


Adidas returns to MIRA proving once again its commitment to the arts and music and offering unique experiences. For the third consecutive year sponsoring the MIRA Dome by adidas Originals, the immersive space dome that hosts in this edition 5 pieces of video art that will be screened continuously during the three days of the festival, and an ambient DJ Set on Thursday 9 November. In addition, for a more complete experience, offers a unique space: Glassworks, an R&D laboratory specializing in interactivity and emerging technologies, has created “Quantum Chromodynamics”, a modular interactive installation in which the audience will generate a virtual dance from their movement and its interaction with several drones in the air.

Red Bull Radio

The radio station of the Red Bull Music Academy will monitor the program of the festival, to offer and be able to revive some of the MIRA 2017 lives. The world renowned Red Bull Radio has a curated avant-garde musical programming. It hosts thousands of exclusive casts with interviews, DJ mixes or live recordings from the best clubs and festivals in the world either.


Perrier will be in MIRA with #BurbujaPerrier, a space where it will offer to the audience of the festival its classic sparkling natural mineral water and lemon flavour. Perrier is a natural and healthy drink which, thanks to its high level of carbonation, contains a unique flavor and intense bubbles.


“The Torres Wine Tour” arrives to MIRA bringing the wine to the attendees of the festival. It’s an itinerant wine bar perfectly equipped offering the opportunity to taste wines, each of them of different features and backgrounds. This year Bodegas Torres offers a selection of their wines:Viña Esmeralda, Viña Esmeralda rosé, Sangre de Toro, Pazo das Bruxas and Celeste crianza in the dining area of the festival.


Always to the rhythm of the best musical proposals, JÄGERMEISTER arrives at MIRA to join the strong and rebel rhythms of the festival, offering its liquor made with 56 different ingredients according to a recipe that remains unchanged from more than 80 years. A frosted shot to taste in MIRA’s bars.


NEC Display Solutions, manufacturer of audiovisual solutions, bets for MIRA and the merger between live music, visual art and technology, giving for the festival 6 immersive dome laser projection equipment of 10,000 lumens to make of the experience a sensory journey for sight. NEC Display is one of the leading manufacturers in the world to offer a complete portfolio of products on the market: desktop monitors, large-format screens, projection and display solutions.