Digital Arts Festival

Conferences MIRA 2017: Technology with a purpose


On Thursday, November 9 and under the title “Technology with a purpose”, we will open doors in Fabra i Coats with a series of conferences in various formats that will be developed while the spaces of the festival are being opened so that the public take the temperature to the festival.

Through 4 dialectical experiences and diverse creative points of view, we will start a collective journey guided by technological expressions that improve our world. People who make use of technology with a purpose beyond it; creations with which to learn, discover, manifest and reflect together as a society.

In order to encourage public participation, the Sli.do app will allow attendees to ask questions during the talks. The three most voted questions will be the ones asked to the speakers.

The first part of the conferences, “Design that minds”, will bring us closer to the world of design: Exposition, reflection and conversation with 3 international studies on the reason and meaning of some of their projects on science, nature, criticism and social improvement. We will discover why these projects are important to them, why they decided to do them, what their challenges were, what they learned from their realization.

The participating studios will be DveinDomestic Data Streamers and Sebastian Baptista.

In the second part, “Beyond Interaction: Conversation with Xavi Tribó”, we will inviteXavi Tribó to talk, a co-founder of Glassworks and director of Xavi’s Lab, a laboratory of technological innovation and social impact. It will be an informal and intimate talk-interview between moderator and interviewee, followed by a question time.

The third, “Human Tech Talks”, will be two talks by a single person and study that, beyond their professional career or creation process, will tell us the educational, social and personal reflection of their project.

Maurice Mikkers: Imaginarium of tears. Dutch photographer and scientist will tell us the personal and social purpose behind his project: An emotional, shared, inspiring and artistic creation of the human action of crying.

Void: Bio-Inspire. The prestigious and award-winning Turkish collective dedicated to digital arts will be represented by the artist Selay Karasu, who will offer a conference in which he will review the group’s career and talk about the creation of fulldome format content and the emerging Turkish digital scene.

 The fourth and last part ,“Games with a purpose”, will be a round-table with international studios that creat video games beyond entertainment, always with a purpose and social criticism behind their tech creations.
Moderated by Jordi Sellas, the speakers will be:

Claudia Molinari, from We are muesli. Graphic designer, illustrator and art director, started her career in 2004 in Italy and later on she entered the video game industry. Her passion for visual identity gave her a solid background in trend research, iconography and tipography.

Monica Rikic: New media artist and creative coder from Barcelona, Monica focuses her practices on code, electronics and non-digital objects to create interactive works like experimental games.

Irene Navarro, from BemyHuman, an artist working with visual effects, video games, creative retouch and art direction, co-founder of this studio mostly known for their new concept of entertainment focused on video games.