MIRA 2014 — new graphic campaign, dates & venues


The next edition of MIRA, which will be held from 6 to November 15, has already a new graphic campaign. Once more the Device design studio form Barcelona has created the graphic concept for the fourth edition of the festival. The new 2014 MIRA’s look wants to transmit the overall perception of all the disciplines of contemporary visual culture offered by the festival.


To do this, Device conceived a design where the viewer can interpret an imaginary virtual visit as if it were a museum where various works related to the topics of MIRA are exposed: sound, light and movement.

The new image revolves around three facilities located in three imaginary galleries, where all the graphic content is generated. The interaction and staging are the common factors that are at play in these places which play with a carefully 3D realism mixed with decontextualized elements or impossible physical actions that help to create a sense of confusion and disorder in the viewer. Imaginary spaces of avant­garde styles, post digital character and a slight reminiscence to still life (or wine bar) with a significant technological connection that gives life to the facilities.


Besides this, MIRA 2014 also launches new website. Blacktie design studio has been commissioned to develop the new site of the festival. An interactive, intuitive web fully adapted to the new look of MIRA.

2014 MIRA spaces

Once again, MIRA, Live Visual Arts Festival will be held at Fabra and Coats, in the district of Sant Andreu. The Creation Factory, which this year adds a new room in the industrial complex, will host a section on divulgation, with workshops and presentations directed to professionals who want to broaden their knowledge in the environment of creating live visual arts as well as the part dedicated to exhibitions with concerts, AV Sets and installations. When Fabra and Coats activities finish, the Razzmatazz lounge will be responsible to stand in with DJ Sets, AV Sets and concerts.

As a novelty, MIRA 2014 has a new space, the Arts Santa Mónica. The Senate and the Balcó lounge will host master lectures, presentations, panels, installations and AV Sets. Free activities that will revolve around divulgation and education in the field of artistic creation.


Poster copy

Download here the poster