Digital Arts Festival



The selection process of the projects that have participated in the VISUAL OPEN CALL 2014 has finished. As in 2013, the current edition of MIRA has in his line-up a selection of artists coming from the OPEN CALL in different categories related to audiovisual art; 263 proposals from 37 countries.

The categories of the call received dozens of projects: Installations, AV Shows, VJ sets and project presentations, all of them with talent, imagination, creativity and originality and using classical or new techniques, in addition to mixing different fields of audiovisual creation. What is, in short, the spirit of MIRA led to an open call for proposals.

Those selected are as follows:

– Grandpa’s Lab: This Portuguese collective will land in MIRA 2014 with GLAB Sample # 2, an installation such as simple as spectacular: through a direct projection, an organism can be seen how it is formed and it responds to public interaction with changes in shape and color. Result of experiments in a scientific laboratory, this work is an artistic collage that creates a new way of life formed through the light and modified by the participation of the public.

– Tea Guarascio: This Italian born great visual artist and now currently based in Barcelona is visiting us for the first time, carrying her unique vision to the festival’s stage. Under the motto of her latest work, back to basics, Tea will give us a great visual show which brings her own definition of what is the job of VJ, variants, methods, techniques, shapes, textures, influences and visible results for the audience.

– FAX: Last year we wanted to bring him, but it was impossible; this year he has not escaped from us. Italian resident in Berlin, Andrea Familari is FAX, a premier audiovisual artist, his works and collaborations prove it.

– Inesfera: DIY (do it yourself) concept defender and restless attitude creator, basque visual developer Gari Artola, focuses his talents towards the creation of supports and installations adapted to the environment, maximizing the sensations derived from music and raising visual experience.

– Lucas Gutiérrez: This Argentinian artist currently based in Berlin brings us the wonderful AV Show “LA NUBE”, which he describes as follows: “full-colored scenes and low sounds hit a live set that spares no errors and invites the remix. Focused on digital image manipulation in real time, with sounds that pass through the experimental, noise and broken beat.” A must at MIRA 2014, one more.

– Space F!ght A/V: Part band, part installation, Space F!ght were founded by Radek Rudnicki whose shows explore the interaction between live instrumentation and immersive, 3D visuals. Musically, they incorporate jazz elements, electronica and ambient genres blended into something almost entirely new and sonically arresting; visuals are generated live and mapped in response to the environment.

– Panarquitectura: This duo, who joins us from the very beginning of MIRA, is always offering amazing things, and this time was not an exception: outdoor optic fiber installation in the courtyards of Fabra i Coats. A real light show.

– Vidibox: This APP, which is causing a stir for its easy handling and spectacular result, is the perfect mix between audio and video. A tool to create audiovisual shows live, and intended for all audiences. Its creators will present it during the festival.

We would like to thank all the artists who participated in the VISUAL OPEN CALL this year. All projects we have received, some embryonic and other already long haul, exude quality, imagination and talent, and this is the great incentive to further support audiovisual creation from MIRA, providing our platform to exhibit the works of all creators that make this sector a fascinating modern and multidisciplinary world.

See you in November!