Digital Arts Festival

MIRA 2018: Second Artist Announcement


Today we announce the bulk of the programme for MIRA 2018, which will take place November 8, 9 and 10 in the spaces of Fabra i Coats. Exclusive audiovisual shows and art installations, as well as 3D sound concerts and festival commissioned collaborations between DJs and VJs, join the artists already announced in May and who are in charge of transmitting a large part of MIRA’s proposal.

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Audiovisual shows

Since its beginnings, MIRA has promoted artistic collaborations between musicians and visual artists who have never previously worked together with the aim of creating never-before-seen shows that are exclusive to each edition of the festival. For MIRA 2018 we have the honour of presenting three very exciting shows which are the result of uniting indisputable talents:

IDM/breakcore guru Venetian Snares and Daniel Lanois, producer of albums by U2 and Bob Dylan (among many others) and Brian Eno collaborator, will perform the Spanish premiere of their first, recently released collaborative album. With Lanois on pedal steel guitar and Snares on electronics, they will play a live set accompanied by visual work by Tirador, the Madrid-based conceptual artist who masterfully manipulates the material he sources from the Internet.

And, to close on the Friday and Saturday nights, we have united two Djs with two VJs whose performances promise to be mind-blowing both on the dancefloor and on stage: Avalon Emerson, with a set packed with new wave, futuristic techno, underground house and rave sounds, accompanied by interdisciplinary artist Jason Voltaire; and Call Super, bringing the elegant sound that has fascinated the addicts of his praised “Arpo” to the stage, alongside London-based video artist Natalia Stuyk, who will perform for the first time in Barcelona.

With regard to premieres, we will have the rupturist Yves Tumor presenting—for the first time in Spain—the album he is set to release in September on prestigious label Warp, with a very performative show that will feature visual work by Ezra Miller.

Legendary British post-rock band Seefeel will celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Quique”, their most acclaimed album, with a one-off show in Spain that will be brought to the stage along with live visual work by Dan Conway.

ATOM™, one of the most influential artists in contemporary AV creation, will present his new show “Deep State”: a dynamic, mathematical spectacle representative of Raster-Noton’s trademark aesthetic.

In addition, we are also announcing a live performance by French producer and vocalist Coucou Chloe, presenting her album “Erika Jane” (Nuxxe, 2017); along with A/V shows by Wará, complete with Arab instrumentation and visual work by Trama Barceló, and Catalan producer Cauto, who will present his recently released album “Sueño” (Ochomel, 2018) with visuals by Anton Babinski.

Live sets and DJ sets with 3D sound

The 3D Sound Room by SON Estrella Galicia, debuted in MIRA 2017 with the aim of bringing to the programme a new form of live music experience with its immersive 40 loudspeaker sound system, boasts a line up of tremendously exciting artists willing to test the limits of their contemporary dance music sounds.

Live sets: Alessandro Adriani (Mannequin Records label head) with his modular synth system; the phenomenal rROXYMORE with her organic and introverted techno; the presentation of Borusiade‘s debut album “A Body” (Cómeme); a performance by Cannibal Ink, with their slow-motion techno; and Ralp, who will also perform solely with his modular synth system.

DJ sets: DJ Stingray, the cult Detroit dj known for his fascinating and dark electro sound, and Josey Rebelle, considered one of the most exciting djs in the world.

Exclusive art installations

Together with the studio of prestigious contemporary artist Nick Verstand, and in collaboration with the technologist specialised in sound and co-founder of 4DSOUND, Salvador Breed, for MIRA 2018 we have commissioned Light, Sound, Space: a piece that investigates our relation with space through our perception of light and sound.

New media artist Guillaume Marmin will present Licht, mehr Licht!, an immersive, tunnel-shaped installation that invites the spectator to experience the moment before death thanks to the movement of its hypnotic lights and the piece’s minimalist sound. Inspired by Goethe’s final words, Marmin will present an XL version of the installation.

Next programme announcement

In September we will announce the conference programme and the A/V shows for Thursday, November 8—the day dedicated to dissemination and debate—as well as the programme for MIRA Dome by adidas Originals, the schedules for the performances and more news for this exciting edition.