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  • “Exploring Visual Languages”, which is held one day a week from September to December at IDEAL digital arts centre, is opening a channel on Filmin to watch the screenings already premiered as well as other pieces by the artists programmed in the series.
  • From today, the online platform includes two audiovisual pieces by Lawrence Lek and two by the Keiken collective together with collaborators Ryan Vautier, Sakeema Crook and George Jasper.
  • explores contemporary digital culture through innovative formats and narratives using technologies and techniques such as CGI, audiovisual immersion, videogame engines and 3D digital animation and creates a new circuit of digital creativity exploration for emerging and renowned artists working with moving images.

As of today, Filmin’s channel already has two pieces by artist, filmmaker and musician Lawrence Lek: “Geomancer“, about the story of an environmental satellite that wants to become an artist, set in Singapore in 2065, and which imagines what would happen if the world were run by a post-human intelligence, and “AIDOL“, about the complex struggle between humanity and Artificial Intelligence in a world where originality is nothing more than an algorithmic trick.

It also includes two projections by Keiken, the collective that explores the limits between the physical and the digital: “We are at the end of something“, in collaboration with Ryan Vautier and Sakeema Crook, an installation in CGI film format built with a video game engine that asks what new belief system we want in a post-Covid-19 world, and “Feel My Metaverse“, in collaboration with George Jasper Stone, set in the not too distant future where the climate crisis has made the Earth uninhabitable.

In the coming months the rest of the screenings and new artists will be added.